The primary goal of LLC „Sadzīves pakalpojumi” is to be the business client leader in the Baltics in offering professional, high quality laundry cleaning, drying and linen-renting services using the latest, cutting-edge technologies. To ensure and realize our quality control policy, we adhere to the following priorities:

  • To use modern and qualitative technological solutions closely following the tendencies in our field and upgrading our methods and machinery when and where necessary. In turn, our company implements the latest technologies in order to offer the highest quality in laundry processing. 
  • To cooperate with laundry cleaning chemical suppliers that offer high level cleaning products and that fulfill all set standards and requirements ensuring long term laundry cleaning quality. 
  • To cooperate with high quality textile and linen suppliers in order to ensure the very best material in renting to our clients.
  • To continually optimize our employee skills and knowledge ensuring professional and qualified workers by organizing both internal and external training certification sessions.
  • To constantly analyze, evaluate and optimize our current management and organizational systems in our day to day staff arrangements, work load and processes.


        SIA „Sadzīves pakalpojumi” continually works to optimize and improve its worker health and safety system while providing its core laundry, cleaning and renting out service of cloths and linens. This is done within its financial and technical means as per the worker protection laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia as well as other interested party work health and safety requirements.

     Our workplace and the services we provide can adversely affect our employee health and safety. Therefore, it is in our employee own best interest to take part in safe policies at their workplace. Furthermore, we need to promote a work environment that minimizes the possibility of accidents and injuries. In order to realize this policy the company has done appropriate risk assessments where and when necessary.

       To reach our planned goals it is important to involve all employees. The company management has taken steps to guarantee that every employee is aware and duly trained in our occupational health and safety policies.

     Our company provides all required information concerning occupational health and safety policy effectiveness and adherence as well as continually follows the changes in the state laws, official documents, and regulations to all its employees, partners, municipal and state auditing institutions.


SIA „Sadzīves pakalpojumi” in providing laundry, cleaning and renting of cloths and linens constantly endeavor to lessen its impact on the environment within its own financial and technical means as per the environmental laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia as well as other interested party environmental requirements.

We adhere to the following:

  1. To ensure an environmental friendly workplace.
  2. To highlight and assess environmental goals and assignments, which are directed toward energy and natural resource conservation and waste reduction as well as recycling and waste sorting within our means.
  3. To create a staff awareness of environmental friendly policies in every one of our workplaces and at all levels.
  4. To inform our employees, suppliers and clients of our environmental policies as well as society as a whole and other interested parties of our environmental-friendly activities(on our webpage).
  5. To constantly optimize and minimize our impact on the environment.

LLC “Sadzīves pakalpojumi” privacy policy.

Management Contact Information:

  • Personal data processing manager is SIA “Sadzīves pakalpojumi” (hereinafter in the text – SP), registration No. 40003015027, Legal address: Daugavpils iela 62/66, Rīga, LV-1003.

Any questions regarding personal data processing should be directed in writing to SP e-mail address: lindo@lindogrupa.lv, or by mail to the SP legal address.

Personal data processing:

SP processes personal data and may provide it for the following purposes:

  • To provide information to state regulatory authorities and operational activity subjects as per the regulations on a case by case basis.
  • To prevent and reveal illicit activities in the event of unauthorized access; to protect employees; to fulfill fire safety requirements video surveillance performed. Video surveillance recordings are done electronically and are saved for no longer than seven days from the moment of recording. The recordings are automatically erased in chronological order.
  • Other specific cases, when a person is informed of their data being given to SP.

Personal data access categories:

  • SP does not share any personal information with third parties, unless:

           - the external regulations pertain to certain persons and are justified in accordance with the procedures specified as per the external regulations and requirements.

Access to personal data and personal rights to their data:

  • Any person has the right to receive information concerning their personal data processing as per the regulations.
  • Any person in accordance with the regulations has the right to demand SP to grant access to their own personal data, to erase their personal data as per request and has the right to personal data transfer
  • Any person can submit a request to exercise their rights:

           - in writing and in person at the SP office with proper identification

  • SP ensures personal data processing and protection following each request for personal data in accordance with the pertinent regulations; and in the event of a complaint, SP shall take necessary action in order to resolve any problem or complaint. In the event that SP is unable to do so, the person has the right to turn to the supervisory authority: Data State Inspectorate.